Twisting Tales

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Twisting Tales

In Twisting Tales, unusual things happen: shoes talk, young and old take flight in unexpected ways, the ultimate disguise is possible, but the hunter becomes the hunted. And along the way we meet an eclectic mix of characters, including nursery rhyme figures, an agony uncle and the creator of a universe who wants to jack the whole thing in. The… Read more »

Black Project

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Black Project

Black Project is a darkly funny story of strange craft, weird conspiracies, an out of control government and people pushed to the very edge of understanding. In Steve Mansfield-Devine‘s second satirical thriller, Dick Kennedy is a reporter for a supermarket tabloid, the only journalist on the paper who takes his job seriously. He yearns for contact with otherwordly forces but is… Read more »

Make Do & Cook

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Learn the secrets of 10 important foods and how to cook healthy, delicious meals on the smallest budget Make Do & Cook by Patricia Mansfield-Devine embodies a new way of thinking about food – by showing how you can eat well while saving money. If you are on a budget, learning to prepare delicious and healthy meals can save you… Read more »

Wide World

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For artist Doug Selway, sketchbooks have always been the rhyme and measure of his self-education. Wide World is a body of work that was six years in the making: leporello sketchbooks, drawings and paintings made between the London River in the UK and The Turnagain Arm near Anchorage in Alaska. On the way, Doug worked in Orkney, Skye and Omaha beach in Normandy. Available… Read more »

E-book improvements favour professional publishers

Creating an e-book is easy. Creating a professional-looking, classy e-book that stands out from the crowd takes skill and effort. And as e-book formats improve and start to offer greater flexibility and complexity, you’re going to need advanced skills to really exploit their potential. Not that long ago, Apple introduced iBook support for fixed format ePub files, aimed at publishers… Read more »

The Kindle pricing problem

When you publish on the Kindle, you set your own price. But some customers will end up paying much more. All self-publishing platforms allow you to set your own price, and this is important because control over pricing is key to your whole marketing strategy. Alas, when it comes to the Kindle, there’s a problem. At WebVivant Press, we’re about… Read more »