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E-book improvements favour professional publishers

Creating an e-book is easy. Creating a professional-looking, classy e-book that stands out from the crowd takes skill and effort. And as e-book formats improve and start to offer greater flexibility and complexity, you’re going to need advanced skills to really exploit their potential. Not that long ago, Apple introduced iBook support for fixed format ePub files, aimed at publishers… Read more »

Publishing workflow: e-books are easier with paragraph styles

Defining appropriate styles in your word processor or DTP software not only makes the production process faster, it helps avoid problems later, whatever technology you’re using to produce the final document (print or e-book). Although our workflow is largely centred around InDesign, what we’re about to discuss is highly relevant if you’re, for example, preparing a Word document to upload… Read more »

Zipping Epub files

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The ePub file format can be an intimidating beast. But in essence it’s quite simple – a bunch of XHTML pages plus accompanying metadata in XML files all bundled up in an ordinary zip file. That’s good news because it means you can unzip the file, hack away at the contents (as we’ll be seeing in the next post, about… Read more »